Workshops and Coaching

Team Workshops

Change for Good provides workshops and coaching to meet the needs of your farm teams. Whether you are wanting to:

  • Prepare the way for new technology, or use existing technology better.
  • Look into opportunities to better manage environmental opportunities for profit and sustainability
  • Explore and implement opportunities to better market your commodities and create new business

The approach is to build on the existing strengths of your operation and explore how we can find new opportunities to improve.

Individual Coaching

Individual coaching and joint preparation of processes that work for your farm, along with the measures you’ll use to monitor progress. This will set in motion solid pathways to improvement in production and environmental sustainability.

Investing in the Right Tools

Guidance on investing in the best tools and technology for your specific needs through an independent voice will save frustration and time in exploring the continually growing number of available options.

Progress Measures

With all our workshops and coaching we set up measures to track progress and measure outcomes.

Some of our workshops and individual coaching topics are:

Let us know if you would like to have a custom created workshop on another area of farming production and efficiency.