Balancing Need with Sustainability

Our Approach

We help groups and individuals design their own change, working alongside you and understanding your needs. We have developed a set of flexible workshop and coaching modules. Everything we advocate is grounded in science, we give equal weight to both social science and to the hard-physical data. Lasting solutions require both the head and the heart to be engaged.

How We Facilitate Change and Growth

  1. Facilitated change workshops to meet your specific needs with an agreed set of measurable outcomes.
  2. Individual or group coaching on aspects of environmental change for a project you have underway.
  3. A deep dive with you (and your advisers) on how your farming system can be more environmentally sustainable.

Each group will be different and our approach is grounded in what really matters for the group. This helps define the approach which broadly follows four key steps with as many representatives of the group as possible.

  • Our strengths – What are we good at? What is working well now?
  • Our opportunities – Based on our strengths and resources, what can we describe and picture for the future? What can we aspire to and what are the projects we could implement?
  • Based on our aspirations, what are the design elements that will be needed to support the structure and processes to bring our dreams to life?
  • What results do we want to measure? Who is going to lead? How will we support them? How will we communicate our progress?

Of course, we will seldom be starting from a perfect base and the future may seem quite uncertain. This approach does not shy away from the fact that risks and challenges exist and that there may be things to fix. However, by reframing the discussion to start from our strengths we provide a better base to then dig into the challenges and the opportunities to turn them into more positive outcomes.

This is one of the reasons this approach can be implemented at any stage of the change process, right at the beginning, when progress might be stalled, or when parts of the project may benefit from some helping hands and minds.


“When our assumptions are challenged we are nudged into a new relationship with reality.” Anon