AG Technology

Getting buy-in with New Technololgy

Imagine you are investing (or have invested), in some new technology to build further depth, knowledge and value into your farming system, and to build better links to customers. However, you find that not everyone on the farm sees the value, or finds it easy to use.


‘Turning strategy, technology and data into value sounds easy until you try to do it.’ Phil McKenzie

Turning Technology Thinking Around

Working together we provide positive methods to engage all parties to see the big picture benefits.
Participant comments from past workshops:

‘No matter who uses it on farm, we all see some value’
‘We can use it as a springboard for new thinking’
‘It saves us some time for other things’
‘It is simple to use and Works well with other technology’
‘It doesn’t get forgotten’

Preparing the Way

Change for Good provides workshops and coaching to meet the needs of your farm teams to prepare for the way we can use this technology, or use existing technology better. The approach is to build on the existing strengths of your operation and explore how we can find new opportunities to improve.
We also offer Individual coaching and joint preparation of processes that work for your farm and the measures you’ll use to monitor progress.

Improving Efficiency and Value

There are two areas of technology in particular, we see as keys to improving efficiency and value. One is the power of a more detailed spatial awareness of your farm and what is on, under, over and around it. The other is the power of more accurate performance of individual animals on your farm. As farmers and an industry, we have become more averagely efficient in our production, but there is still a normal distribution of performance in any one herd or flock. Optimising that even further at a more granular level, can brings huge gains in efficiency and lower risk. It can also enable better environmental sustainability with the same or more production from fewer animals.

The number of tools and technologies becoming available is growing strongly and has the potential to disrupt the way we operate in a number of different ways. Here is one example of transformative technologies from AgriFutures Australia.