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Change For Good brings a transformational approach to designing and delivering change to achieve profitable, valued and respected farming practices for farming communities and the service providers to those communities. With measurable results, your return on investment is able to be assessed.


Building on strengths, uncovering opportunities and focussing on your aspirations we develop measurable positive outcomes – together.
We offer a set of planning tools, coaching and delivery.

Why not start with a visit and evaluation of your farming operation through an environmental lens?

Future opportunities


Phil McKenzie, principal consultant at CFG, originally from a Southland Farm has lived and worked in many regions throughout NZ and overseas with agricultural experience spanning 35 years. Phil believes that opportunities in agriculture have never been greater than they are right now.

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Farming communities are the same but different. Change for Good has been passionately involved in research and change in a diverse range of projects providing confidence and growth.




For groups or individuals


Ways to mitigate environmental changes through technology and strategy


A collaborative approach of working together helps build knowledge, scale and joint ownership.


Creating businesses from commodities. Providing a compelling and authentic vision to your customers.


Volatility in climate and markets and pressure on land, people and the environment create opportunities, and mean changes to the way we farm and the food we produce. Contact us by filling in the form below to receive a copy of Phil’s article on a new future of food.

If you are wondering how we could work together, let’s get started with an evaluation of your operation from an environment focus.

Got something specific? Let us know areas you are interested in and we can aim to send something related to this, and how we could work together.